SyntheL-GLUTAMINE – L-Glutamine

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SyntheL-Glutamine - L-Glutamine

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INGREDIENTS: 100% pure pharmaceutical grade micronised l-glutamine powder – 250g container


  • Training Days: 5 grams, twice per day.
  • Non-Training days: 5 grams, once per day.

L-glutamine is the most important amino acid in the body for rapid muscle growh and post workout recovery.

SyntheL-GLUTAMINE™ is of 100% pure pharmaceutical grade as well as being micronised so it can be absorbed by the body with maximum efficiency.

L-glutamine is essential for maximum muscle growth, brain function and immune system strengthening. It is routinely used to aid the body in recovery after trauma such as workout stress, injuries, surgery and burns.

L-glutamine is possibly one of the most important substances in the body, and by using the Synthetek brand, you can be assured that you are using the highest possible quality product available.

SyntheL-GLUTAMINE™ is backed by lab analysis reports and the unique Synthetek quality or your money back guarantee!