SyntheBURN – Thermogenic Fat Burner

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SyntheBURN - Thermogenic Fat Burner

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INGREDIENTS: Each serving (2 capsules) contains Ephedrine 20mg (MaHuang Extract 250mg), Caffeine 200mg (Guarana Extract 910mg), Synephrine 12mg (Citrus Aurantium 200mg), L-Tyrosine 100mg, Ginger 100mg – 120 capsule bottle

Usage: Take 2 capsules (1 serving) as required.

Warning: this product is not intended for use by any persons under the age of 18. We recommend that you consult your doctor before using this product. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not exceed the maximum daily dosage for a healthy adult of 4 servings in a 24 hour period as this product can be hazardous to your health if used improperly.

SyntheBURN™ is a powerful thermogenic agent formulated by combining the best fat burners on the market today.You tried other ECA based stacks in the past? Try this one! NOTHING compares to it! Use it before a workout and be amazed by the energy levels you will experience and the amount of extra weights you will lift!

SyntheBURN™ is an extremely efficient fat burner, as evidenced by the fact that it is the primary choice of professional athletes when they require to burn body fat. As well as being an excellent fat burner, SyntheBURN™ is a powerful appetite suppressant and a very efficient energy booster, succesfully replacing the traditional morning or pre-workout cup of coffee.

SyntheBURN™ was designed with competitive athletes in mind. The watered down versions of ECA stacks on the market just would not work for a competitive bodybuilder so Synthetek Industries took the EC stack to the next level. The ingredients synergistically combine to make one of the most potent thermogenic agents on the market.

SyntheBURN™ focuses on the production and efficiency of the neurotransmitters that control and produce thermogenic activity. Every ingredient plays an essential role in the overall effectiveness of SyntheBURN™ and it’s thermogenic activity.


Ephedrine works by stimulating nerve terminals of the sympathetic nervous system to release noradrenaline. Noradrenaline (NA) is the neurotransmitter responsible for hermogenesis, appetite, and sex drive among other things. NA in turn stimulates all adrenergic receptors (AR), Beta-1, Beta-2 and Beta-3AR. After prolonged use of Ephedrine the Beta-1 and Beta-2AR’s downregulate.Now comes the interesting part unlike a certain popular bodybuilding diet drug that is a selective AR mediator, Ephedrine is non-selective which allows it to continually work even after the Beta-1 and Beta-2AR’s have down regulated.

The role of the Beta-3 adrenergic receptor: The Beta-3AR is resistant to downregulation and has increases thermogenesis in prolonged use of Ephedrine. Forty percent of ephedrine’s thermogenic effect is mediated from Beta-3 receptor activation. Beta-3AR are abundant in brown fat and non-selective adrenergic receptor agents such as ephedrine activate brown fat thermogenesis. Ephedrine also stimulates brown fat growth. An increase in brown fat leads to increased thermogenesis. So this means there is no reason to cycle the use of ephedrine based products. Prolonged use of Ephedrine has continued thermogenesis by activating the beta-3AR. Prolonged use also alleviates the most notable side effects, raised heart rate and blood pressure. So in conclusion Ephedrine alkaloids work synergistically to stimulate beta adrenoceptors, suppress appetite, elevate mood and continue to work with prolonged use safe and effectively. (1-4)


Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that enhances and prolongs thermogenesis by working synergistically with ephedrine. The mechanism in which caffeine enhances the thermogenic process is by inhibiting the release of phosphodiesterase. Why is this important? Well let’s look.

The ephedrine increases noradrenaline (NA) which in turn increases thermogenesis through Beta-1,2 and 3 adrenergic receptors. Caffeine synergistically enhances the effect of ephedrine by blocking Phosphodiesterase. Phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibits the release of noradrenaline-induced cAMP. NA-induced cAMP cAMP acts as a messenger in the cascade of thermogenic activity induced by ephedrine. If NA is not produced or is inhibited then the message never gets sent, thus ceasing thermogenesis.In studies a specific ratio of ephedrine and caffeine exerted a supra-additive synergism, whereas the thermogenic effects of lower doses of caffeine only had an additive effect. This ratio is 20/200mg ephedrine /caffeine. SyntheBURN™ has maintained this ratio. (2-4)


Synephrine is very similar in structure to ephedrine. But has a much milder stimulant effect. Synephrine’s thermogenic activity is mediated by activating the Beta-3AR located in brown fat. The selective release of noradrenaline and adrenaline in the beta-3 receptor site does not cross the blood-brain barrier, which allows an increase in metabolic rate without affecting heart rate or blood pressure.

Lets not forget the role both Ephedrine and Synephrine play in bronchial dilation. Increasing oxygen uptake only further increases the efficiency of thermogenesis. (5-7)


L-Tyrosine has many synergistic functions in this fat loss arsenal. It is a precursor to the thyroid hormone T3, neurotransmitters adrenaline, noradrenaline (NA), and dopamine. Not only does tyrosine aid thyroid function but most importantly it maximizes the efficiency of NA. Tyrosine adds to the arsenal of ingredients in SyntheBURN™ that optimize NA production and thermogenesis.


SyntheBURN™ has been designed to be one of the most potent and effective fat loss aids on the market by combining ingredients that are proven to not only work effectively by themselves but to synergistically enhance the traditional Ephedrine Caffeine stack.

Ephedrine is the catalyst of the formula by stimulating noradrenaline production and targeting beta-1,2 and 3 adrenergic receptors. Caffeine and Ginger inhibit enzymes that block noradrenaline while enhancing the effects of Ephedrine. Synephrine directly targets beta-3 adrenergic receptors to stimulate brown fat thermogenesis. L-tyrosine not only regulates thyroid but also provides the precursor to noradrenaline that is ultimately stimulated by Ephedrine. As you can see, SyntheBURN™ was designed to comprehensively target the entire thermogenic process.

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