SyntheBLOCKplus – Carb/Fat Blocker & Protein Optimiser

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SyntheBLOCKplus - Carb/Fat Blocker & Protein Optimiser

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INGREDIENTS: Each Serving (2 capsules) contains – White Kidney Bean Extract 600mg, Chitosan 400mg, Betaine HCL 200mg, Bromelin 50mg – 100 capsule bottle

Usage: Take 2 capsules (1 serving) after meals, as required.

SyntheBLOCKplus™ is a proprietary blend of supplements designed to block both carbohydrate and fat absorbtion, while at the same time aiding the body in the digestion of protein. The unique combination of White Kidney Bean Extract and Chitosan will effectively block the assimilation of carbs and fats into the body. Bromelin and Betaine HCL are enzymes that aid in the digestion of protein and create a synergestic effect to the already potent fat and carb blocker.

It blocks carbs, it blocks fat and it helps you digest the protein. You can literally eat junk food and still be on a ‘diet’! What more do you want??