Site Enhancing Oils (Synthol) – A How to Guide – By Big A

Site Enhancing Oils, or ‘synthol’ as commonly known, are possibly the most controversial subject in bodybuilding. That is because there is a huge amount of miseducation and ignorance on the subject. I first published the article below on the internet in early 2000, and since then it has been reproduced on countless websites and I have become as the world most authorotive person on the subject, even consulting in the latest book on the subject written by the ‘inventor’ of the original SEO, Chris Clark.

Growth Principles for Beginners – By Big A

This is a general guide for beginning and intermediate bodybuilders that don’t know the principles behind muscle growth yet or are not happy with the results that they are currently getting.

We will go through training, diet and gear. I will tell you the principles behind everything that I recommend for you to do, so you can understand why certain things happen, so in the future you can fix problems yourself. Bodybuilding is a very simple and logical endeavour. Everything that you do has to be logical. Only logical actions will give you results. Every time that you come across a new principle, always ask yourself it it makes logical sense. If it does not, dump it!

Dieting And Getting Ready For Competition – By Big A

Competition dieting is rather an individual matter as far as success goes. Generally, if one is in a calorie deficit, while maintaing a very high protein content and taking anabolics, that person will lose minimal muscle if any at all while losing a great deal of bodyfat. Add to that combo fat burning aids, and one can achieve stage shape very quickly.

Below is a standard formula that I used succesfully on many people. It is designed to make one in competition shape in extreme time. The biggest change so far has been one person that went from 21% to 4% bodyfat in the 9 weeks of the preparation.

Great Information on Protein – By Massive G

First off everyone should learn how there body reacts to protein and how their metabolism is. Just like training. To me nutrition is 70% of the battle and responsible for most of my gains no matter what AAs or how I trained my gains were/ are concurrent with my nutrition program. I eat a high protein diet that’s no secret. My body hates carbs. I eat very few simple sugars and mostly complex carbs and those are cut by 7 PM. I wrote this post a while ago in reference to eating the protein first in a meal. I beleive in eating for function. That is protein first, carbs second, veggies last. I don’t mix fats and carbs the only time I mix simple sugars and proteins are in my pre and post work out shakes. A lot depends on the absorbability of the protein itself which is influenced by it’s type. A lot of old timer will remember this thing called the P.E.R. or the Protein Effeciency Ratio from the early 1990’s. This was before Whey Protein and it was used to sell egg and milk proteins commercially. I think Nature’s Best abused that line the most as I was seeing “P.E.R. P.E.R. P.E.R.” dancing through my head at night while I slept.
Things like Eggs and fish are more complete protein and absorbed better than ground beef and pork, chicken and turkey are better absorbed than soy and milk proteins etc.

Thoughts for Those Thinking of Doing a Show – By New_Mass

Written by Mayhem Member – Frumps

My thoughts on those thinking of doing a show
As I am sitting here at my shop, 1 week out, I felt like typing up something to kind of give some insight to those that are thinking of doing a show. You see many people thinking of doing a show, but 9 times out of 10 they never get on stage. Hopefully I can shed some light on what goes into the process of pre-contest dieting and all the odds and ends that follow. Many may know this stuff allready. Those that don’t, or that wondered what to do, this may be a starting point.